Moccasin Esports Dominates Reigning Champion in Peach Belt Conference Debut

Moccasin Esports Dominates Reigning Champion in Peach Belt Conference Debut

LAKELAND, Fla. - Peach Belt Conference take note: Florida Southern College esports has arrived. The Florida Southern esports League of Legend team had a perfect start to its inaugural PBC campaign, taking down 2019 PBC reigning champion USC Aiken, 2-0, on Saturday and Young Harris, 2-0, on Sunday. The Moccasins (2-0) totaled 112 kills in its four games against the Pacers (1-1) and the Mountain Lions (0-2), allowing only 19 to the Pacers and three to the Mountain Lions. 

"We couldn't be happier to start this season in the Peach Belt Conference with two dominant wins," head coach Nate Carson said. "We only lost one tower in all four games, which shows how well our macro and objective control was in both series. All nine players on our roster got solid playtime and performed far above my expectations. We were prepared and played beautiful, textbook League of Legends. We want to thank all the fans supporting us on the Florida Southern Twitch stream this past weekend."


  • Game one saw Patrick "Obéy" Inglesby at Top, Chris "Ćhris" Vickers at Jungle, Garrett "Bwaybennett" Bennett at Mid and the combo of Will "Nim" James and Dylan "Flaynndappy" Parramore as Bot and Support. FSC drafted an Ornn, Jarvin IV, Cassiopeia, Aphelios and Braum composition against the Pacers' Renekton, Kayn, Veigar and Yuumi composition.
  • The Moccasins had their closest competition of the day with a 25 kill to 11 deaths ratio in a sub-30 minute win. Flayndappy went off with a 17 KDA while Bwaybennet led the squad with 11 kills and 46 percent of the team's damage. The Mocs slew five dragons while allowing one baron and no towers to the Pacers.
  • The same FSC squad brought an Ornn, Nocturne, Akali, Aphelios and Braum composition in game two against a USCA lineup of Heimerdinger, Master Yi, Leona, Jhin and Taric.
  • The game saw an even larger Moccasin rout, as FSC dominated USC Aiken with 26 kills to only eight deaths, slaying three dragons and destroying nine towers while allowing none to the Pacers. Ćhris, Bwaybennett and Nim all lead the team with eight kills each, with Bwaybennett dominating in the mid-lane with a 16 KDA and 32 percent of the team's damage. Game two finished in just over 20 minutes.


  • Sunday saw the Mocs dismantle its opponent in Young Harris with the same lineup as the USC Aiken match barring Christian "HipsterG" Larson in at Top and Alexander "Good Kid AJ" Julius in at Mid. The Moccasins brought an Ornn, Rek'sai, Veigar, Vayne and Nautilus comp against a Cho'gath, Vi, Ziggs, Caitlyn and Thresh comp for the Mountain Lions.
  • A 22-minute and 37-second victory saw the Moccasins tally 30 kills and only one death with one baron, two dragons, and 11 towers destroyed by the team. Flaynndappy earned a 20 KDA with five kills while Good Kid AJ had a team-high 10 kills in his 18 KDA and 35 percent team damage performance.
  • Game two saw Brett "The Mind" Olsen sub in at Jungle while Bwaybennett came back in at Mid and Sebastian "UnExceptional" Mendoza came in at Support. The squad brought a Soraka, Gragas, Qiyana, Lucian and Blitzcrank team against the Mountain Lions' Sion, Graves, Ryze, Katarina and Senna lineup.
  • Young Harris fared no better as the Mocs' earned a blistering 18-and-a-half minute victory. 31 Moccasin kills with two deaths combined with two dragons and 11 towers to dismantle the Mountain Lions' composition that earned just one tower. Bwaybennet earned a 24 KDA with a 18/1/6 line that gave him 41 percent of the team's damage. 


  • The Moccasins destroyed 41 towers while allowing only one in the four games it played this weekend. The team also defeated 12 dragons to just one for its opponents.
  • The team out-killed the Mountain Lions 61-3 in its series.
  • Bwaybennett finished the weekend with a total of 37 kills, four deaths and 25 assists. He ranks third in the conference in kills, is second in gold per minute (469) and tied-second in CS per minute (8). 
  • Ćhris is third in the conference in gold per minute at 430.
  • Flaynndappy leads the conference with a 29 KDA.
  • The Moccasins lead the Peach Belt with a 14 KDA.


The Moccasins will take on Hawaii-Pacific on Saturday and Georgia Southwestern on Sunday. Both matches are set to start at 3 p.m.