League of Legends Remains Perfect in Peach Belt

League of Legends Remains Perfect in Peach Belt

LAKELAND, Fla. -  The Florida Southern esports League of Legends team continued its perfect start to its inaugural PBC campaign, taking down Hawaii-Pacific, 2-0, on Saturday and Georgia Southwestern, 2-0, on Sunday. The Moccasins (4-0) totaled 97 kills in its four games against the Sharks (2-2) and the Hurricanes (1-3), allowing only 10 to the Sharks and 12 to the Hurricanes. 

"I'm proud of our League of Legends team for their two wins this past weekend," head coach Nate Carson said. "The games were exciting and fun to draft. The team's hard work is beginning to pay off, and we are taking the right steps towards preparing for a serious CLoL playoff run."

"We have a long way to go, and there's a lot of individual and team development needed before we get there. Right now we can only afford to take it one game at a time."


  • The match saw Florida Southern have Alexander Julius 'Good Kid AJ' at top, Chris Vickers 'Chris' at jungle, Gerrett Bennett 'BwayBennett' at mid, Will James 'Nim' at ADC and Dylan Parramore 'Flaynndappy' at support.
  • Game one saw the Mocs run a Rumble, Nocturne, Qiyana, Apehlios and Braum comp against the Sharks' Gangplank, Ornn, Ekko, Senna, and Sona comp. The Moccasins tallied 17 kills, 11 towers, three dragons and one baron while allowing only three kills to the Sharks to take a 26-minute victory.
  • Game two had a Moccasin comp of Ornn, Rek'Sai, Ryze, Xayah and Rakan against the Sharks' Sett, Kindred, Malzahar, Kai'sa and Shen team. The Moccasins had 25 kills in addition to the same number of dragons, towers and barons as game one as they allowed six kills in a 21-minute victory.
  • Nim led the Moccasins with a 14/1/10 line that gave him a 24 KDA.


  • Patrick Inglesby 'Obey' came in at top for the Moccasins as the rest of the team remain unchanged for the series against Georgia Southwestern. 
  • The Moccasin Ornn, Nocturne, Leblanc, Xayah, Rakan comp dominated in game one against the Hurricanes' Rumble, Jarvan, Twisted Fate, Ashe, Bard comp, allowing only one kill while accumulating 27 kills, 11 towers, two dragons in a 24-minute victory.
  • Game two began closer as the Aatrox, Pantheon, Twisted Fate, Jhin, and Janna comp for the Hurricanes came out hard against the Mocs' Ornn, Jarvan, Ryze, Aphelios and Braum. GSW took two towers and earned 11 kills but the Moccasins retaliated, earning four dragons and 11 towers on 28 kills to take game two in 26 minutes.


  • The Moccasins have given up only three towers in their eight games so far this season, destroying 88 of their own.
  • Good Kid AJ leads the conference with a 32 KDA, while Flayndappy is second with a 24 KDA.
  • Three Moccasins lead the conference in gold per minute: Nim (434), Bwaybennett (431) and Chris (403).
  • Bwaybennett and Nim are tied for first in the conference with 8 CS per minute.
  • The Moccasins lead the conference with a 13 KDA, seven more than the next closest team.


The Moccasins will take on Harrison State on Saturday and Lander on Sunday. Both matches are set to start at 3 p.m.