Esports Continues Domination in Peach Belt Conference

Esports Continues Domination in Peach Belt Conference

LAKELAND, Fla. -  The Florida Southern esports League of Legends team dominated in its week three matches, defeating Henderson State on Saturday and Lander on Sunday in two 2-0 matches. The Moccasins (6-0) won in sub-30 minute games against both the Reddies (3-3) and the Bearcats (3-2). 

"I'm very proud of the consistency and focus that our League of Legends team has shown from week to week," head coach Nate Carson said. "We are starting to get into a real groove of balancing our practices, match preparation, and leaving room for the other things that are most important like health, sleep, and staying on top of classes."

"We still have some gameplay and mechanical problems to iron out before the second half of the season and playoffs, but we couldn't be happier with our recent performances. A big thank you to the Peach Belt Conference for allowing us to take over their live stream on Sunday."


  • The match saw Florida Southern have Patrick Inglesby 'Obey' at top, Chris Vickers 'Chris' at jungle, Garrett Bennett 'BwayBennett' at mid, Will James 'Nim' at ADC and Dylan Parramore 'Flaynndappy' at support.
  • Game one saw the Mocs bring a Soraka, Zac, Karma, Apelios and Braum composition against the Reddies' Ornn, Vi, Vladimir, Ezreal and Yuumi composition.
  • The Moccasins held the Reddies to just three kills while racking up 19 of their own, destroying 11 towers, two drakes and a baron en route to a sub-22 minute win. Bwaybennett led the team with 11 kills.
  • Game two saw the Moccasins repeat their game one performance, racking up 22 kills to the Reddies' four. HSU was able to defeat a dragon and take a tower but fell in less than 27 minutes to the Mocs. Nim had a team-high 10 kills, while Alexander Julius 'Good Kid AJ' had a 13 KDA in mid and HipsterG a 12 KDA on Rumble in the top.


  • Sunday's match was broadcasted on the official Peach Belt Twitch channel and featured the same Moccasin lineup as game two of the HSU match, with Bwaybennett coming in at mid.
  • The Moccasins earned a sub-25 minute win against the Bearcats in game one, tallying 25 kills with just six deaths. The Mocs allowed one drake but earned two of their own and a Baron en route to a game one win. Bwaybennett cruised with 12/0/8 line as LeBlanc in mid, accounting for 31 percent of the team's damage.
  • Lander forfeited at the 18-and-a-half minute mark in game two after the Mocs decimated the Bearcats early with 20 kills and just three deaths. The Mocs had slain three dragons and destroyed five towers before the Bearcats relinquished the game.


  • The Moccasins had a total of 86 kills with just 16 deaths in the four games last weekend. 
  • Bwaybennett sported a 29/3/14 for the three games he played, sporting a 14.33 KDA.
  • Flayndappy but on an even more impressive 10/4/51 performance for the weekend, good for a 15.25 KDA.
  • The Moccasins are one of two undefeated teams, with North Georgia also sporting a 6-0 record.
  • Good Kid AJ leads the conference with an astronomical 45 KDA, while Flaynndappy is close behind in second with a 20 KDA. Flayndappy is third in the conference with 157 assists.
  • The Mocs lead the league with a 13.7 team KDA. The next closest squad, Montevallo, holds a 4.6 KDA.


The Moccasins will take on the only other remaining undefeated team, North Georgia, on Saturday and Montevallo on Sunday. Both matches are set to start at 3 p.m.