League of Legends Takes Down North Georgia, Montevallo to Remain as Only Undefeated Team

League of Legends Takes Down North Georgia, Montevallo to Remain as Only Undefeated Team

LAKELAND, Fla. -  The Florida Southern College esports League of Legends team continued its string of blow-out wins last weekend, defeating North Georgia and Montevallo in two 6-0 matches. The Moccasins (8-0) are now the only undefeated team in the Peach Belt after its victories over the Nighthawks (6-1) and the Falcons (5-3).


  • The match saw Florida Southern have Patrick Inglesby 'Obey' at top, Chris Vickers 'Chris' at jungle, Garrett Bennett 'BwayBennett' at mid, Will James 'Nim' at ADC and Dylan Parramore 'Flaynndappy' at support.
  • Game one saw the Moccasins dominate in 27 minutes, earning a baron, four dragons and ten towers while allowing no objectives to the Nighthawks. Chris led the Mocs with a 2/1/19 line on Sejuani while Nim tallied a combined 19 kills and assists with no deaths on Ashe. The Mocs tallied 27 kills to the Nighthawks' six.
  • Chris again went off with a 16 KDA as the Moccasins tallied 21 kills and just seven deaths en route to a 24 minute victory.


  • The Moccasins rolled out the same lineup for the match against Montevallo.
  • Game one saw a sub-25 minute victory for the Moccasins as they tallied 34 kills with nine deaths. Obey earned an 18 KDA with no deaths on Rumble in the top lane.
  • The Mocs earned a cleaner, decisive victory in game two with an 18-and-a-half minute victory. The team had 22 kills and two deaths, 


  • The Moccasins finished the weekend with a 12.38 KDA
  • FSC continues to dominate the KDA boards, with Good Kid AJ (45), Flayndappy (19) and Chris (15) all leading the conference.
  • Bwaybennett (413) leads the conference with highest gold per minute while Nim (398) holds at third.
  • The Moccasins lead the conference with a 13.3 KDA, four times higher than the next closest institution.


The Moccasins will take on Columbus State on Friday at 6:30 p.m. and Flagler on Sunday at 3 p.m. FSC can clinch a postseason berth with wins from both competitions this weekend.